octobre 6, 2023

Congratulations to FIIC’s newly elected President Ivan Szczech!

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In the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the General Assembly and the 88th Board of Directors Meeting of the Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry (FIIC) was held, with the participation of the member countries.
At this meeting, Iván Szczech, Past President of CAMARCO (Camara Argentina de la Construccion), was elected as the new President of FIIC. He will be accompanied by Enrique Espinosa (Peru) as 1st Vice President; Carlos Trejos (Costa Rica) as 2nd Vice President, and Eduardo Ramirez Leal (Mexico), as Secretary General.
Fernando Lago, Executive Director of CAMARCO, and Coordinator of the Infrastructure Commission of FIIC; and Prof. Sebastián Orrego, Director of the School of Construction Management in CAMARCO and Coordinator of INCONET in FIIC were also present.
In addition to the Executive Council, the meeting of FIIC’s working commissions was held, which presented the progress made in recent months.
On this occasion, the Brazilian Chamber of Construction (CBIC) hosted the meeting, which was held simultaneously with the “Rio Construction Summit” held in the same city.