As approved by CICA Council, held in Paris, France, on November 6, 2017

An association was founded between members, governed by the French Law of 1st July, 1901 and the Decree of 16th August, 1901, under the name of CICA (Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations).

The registered office is located in Paris, France.
Its address is : 3, rue de Berri, 75008 Paris.
It may be transferred to any other location in the same city by decision of the General Assembly.

The Confederation’s goals and objectives are to defend the collective interests of all contractors at the world level, whether small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or large companies. In particular:

  1. Represent and speak for the construction industry on matters of international concern and provide a forum for fellowship, cooperation and interaction with member federations, linked institutions and international organisations, in particular International Financing Institutions.
  2. Encourage the exchange of information and technical knowledge and promote investment in engineering and building in general that enhances both our environment and the quality of life for all.
  3. Enhance the image of the construction industry and its contribution to the well-being of humanity.

CICA is a non-profit, voluntary and global association of members. The members shall conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

  1. The association is made up of Full, Associate, Observer and Supporting Members. All represent construction industry contractors defending the principles of Free Enterprise. The list of current members is attached to these Statutes.
  2. Full Members are those Federations or Associations representing, on a continent or in a world region, construction industry contractors.
  3. Associate Members may be national Federations or Associations representing contractors in an area where no such continental/ regional federation exists in which they could be a member or where such existing continental/ regional federation is not a member of CICA. Associate Membership comes automatically to an end if and when a continental/ regional federation mentioned in paragraph 2) has been accepted as a Full Member. In this case, the Associate Members concerned could become Supporting Members.
  4. Supporting Member may be any federation/association, company or person who wishes to contribute to the work of CICA both intellectually and financially.
  5. In the case a company withdraws from its national federation/association, this company cannot become Supporting Member.
    The Supporting Members may belong to any of the following categories
    a) Gold
    b) Silver
    c) Bronze
  1. Admission
    New members shall be admitted to CICA on application by the candidates, addressed to CICA’s registered office and committing to CICA’s Goals and Objectives (Art. 3).
    Following receipt of an application, the applicant may be invited by the Board to attend CICA meetings until the next meeting of the General Assembly.
    Admission of a new :
    a) Associate Member is subject to a qualified majority decision of 2/3 of the voting rights present in the General Assembly meeting,
    b) Supporting Member:
    (1) admission of a national federation/ association as Supporting Member is subject to a qualified majority decision (2/3) by the General Assembly voting members;
    (2) admission of a company as Supporting Member is subject to a qualified majority of 2/3 of the voting rights present in the General Assembly meeting, with a veto right of the corresponding national federation/association.
    The corresponding annual subscriptions are in accordance with the enclosed table: members’ rights and obligations. The Board and the Secretariat undertake all procedures necessary for the preparation of such General Assembly decision.
  2. Voluntary Resignation
    A member may resign upon submission of written notice of intention to the President at the address of CICA’s registered office. Resignation becomes effective at the end of the calendar year following the year when the notice is given. All subscriptions shall continue to be due and payable until the effective date of resignation.
  3. Suspension and Exclusion
    In the event of a breach of the Statutes, in particular non-payment of due subscriptions, the Board pronounces the suspension of the membership rights, gives written notice thereof to the member and invites the member to a hearing or an explanation. The exclusion may be pronounced by the General Assembly after a 6 months suspension period, by a 2/3 majority.

CICA governing bodies are the General Assembly, the Board and the President.

  1. The General Assembly
    1. 1) The General Assembly shall consist of Delegates nominated by each member prior to the meeting.
    2. 2) All Delegates shall have the right to participate in the discussions.
    3. 3) Only the “Voting Delegates” specifically nominated by the members having fully paid their subscriptions shall have the right to vote.
    4. 4) All decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the voting rights present, except otherwise stated here.
    5. 5) Regardless of the number of Delegates, the members in the different categories shall have the following voting rights each:
    6. – Full Members: 18
    7. – Associate Members: 5
    8. 6) In voting procedures, the combined number of voting rights of Associate Members cannot be higher than that of their corresponding Full Member.
    9. 7) The General Assembly shall meet at least once per year at the invitation of the President or on the demand of at least 2 Full
    10. Member federations, sent at least one month
    11. before the fixed date.
    12. The agenda shall be enclosed.
    13. 8) The General Assembly may meet at other times, as it deems necessary, either in person or electronically, provided that all General Assembly members have the opportunity to be heard.
    14. 9) The General Assembly shall have the power to appoint such officers and officials on such terms and for such period as it deems expedient.
  2. The Board
    1. 1) Each Board Member is nominated by a Full Member or in absence thereof jointly by the Associate Members of this continent/ world region.”
    2. 2) One Board Member shall be elected by the General Assembly as Senior Vice President who would normally be the candidate for election of the subsequent President by the General Assembly.
    3. 3) The Board also comprises a Treasurer, who is nominated by the General Assembly on the Board’s proposal, preferably living in the region of the CICA headquarters.
    4. 4) The Board shall meet at least once a year at the invitation of the President.
    5. 5) The terms of office of all Board Members shall begin following the meeting of the General Assembly during which the offices have been allocated and end following the meeting (rotation) of the General Assembly wherein succession is intended, taking place twenty four months following their election unless modified by a General Assembly decision.
  3. The President
    1. 1) The President is elected by the General Assembly and is the principal officer of CICA.
    2. 2) He or she will carry out the decisions of the General Assembly, and perform inherent and customary duties of the office.
    3. 3) The President shall chair the Board and the General Assembly.
    4. Each Full Member shall hold the Presidency of the Confederation normally by rotation. If the member federation candidate is unable or unwilling to assume the Presidency in normal rotation, the next Full Member in rotation is entitled to nominate a candidate to the General Assembly for consideration.
    5. The term of office for the President shall be two years, commencing at the close of the General Assembly meeting at which he or she is elected, and end following the General Assembly meeting wherein a successor is installed, unless modified by General Assembly decision.
  4. Senior Vice-President : The Senior Vice-President is elected by the General Assembly normally by rotation. The Senior Vice-President assists the President in the discharge of his or her duties as the President may request. In his absence, a Vice-President, will carry out the Presidential duties if circumstances require.
  5. Treasurer : The Treasurer will keep himself informed of the financial condition of the confederation and make timely report thereon to the Board. The Treasurer assists in the preparation of the annual budget, and will periodically verify the accuracy of the Confederation’s financial statements.
  6. Successor : In the event of resignation, incapacity or death of the President or of one of the Vice-Presidents, his international federation or organization shall nominate his successor who will succeed him for the remainder of the Board’s term of office.
  7. Past Presidents : All past Presidents of CICA shall become an Honorary President of CICA and shall be allowed to attend and speak at all meetings of the Confederation but without any right to vote.

The Director General shall be appointed by the Board, he or she is a senior staff officer of CICA and shall reside in the same region as the Head Office of the Confederation.

The Director General is entrusted with the implementation of decisions of the governing bodies and with the management of the Confederation.

In order to manage the day to day business of CICA, the Director General has the power to represent CICA, notably in concluding contracts.

The Director General is Secretary to the Board and to the General Assembly.

  1. CICA resources are made up of but may not be limited to:
    • Subscriptions of the members,
    • Contributions from other sources.
  2. The annual budget is prepared by the Treasurer and the Director General. Upon proposal of the Treasurer, the Council shall fix annually, by majority vote, the budget for the next year, shall approve the accounts of the previous year and shall discharge the Treasurer, the Board and the Director General from liabilities. Any modification of the subscription requires an unanimous vote.Travelling, hotel and subsistence costs of representatives attending Confederation functions or meetings shall be met by the representative or by his organisation.An auditor (chartered accountant) to be nominated by the Council shall check and certify the accounts of the previous year. The administrative year corresponds to the calendar year and the subscriptions fixed according to Art. 8 § 2 shall be paid by the 15th of January of the year that corresponds to the approved budget.
  3. Whenever there are two Board meetings during the year, CICA budget for the year N+1 shall be presented for approval as a draft to the mid term Board meeting held during the year N. This approved draft budget shall be sent to the General Assembly.The final budget for year N + 1 shall be fixed by the General Assembly meeting held in the second half of the year N according to the rules set in Article 8 § 2 above

Standing Orders can be proposed by the Board and have to be approved by the General Assembly by a majority of members.

These Standing Orders define the various points not covered by these Statutes.

The official language of the Confederation shall be English.

These Statutes can be changed by unanimous vote of the General Assembly.

Dissolution of CICA:

  1. A decision on the dissolution of CICA can only be taken by the General Assembly in an extra-ordinary meeting convened by the President on behalf of the General Assembly and attended by at least ¾ of the Full Members.
  2. Dissolution can only be reached by unanimity of voting rights satisfying the criteria of Article 6.1.3.
  3. If the quorum is not reached at the first meeting, a second meeting will be convened within three months; the decision shall then be reached by a simple majority of those votes present.