février 9, 2023

InfraTech Webinar

InfraTech banner

The Global Infrastructure Hub and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank invite you to join us for a webinar that delves into the case for investing in InfraTech.

InfraTech (infrastructure technology) and ClimateTech (technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions) are important enablers of the low-carbon and climate-resilient transition, and of sustainable development.

This webinar will equip you with practical knowledge for scaling up InfraTech investment, drawing on the pillars of investment outlined in the G20 Blueprint for Scaling Up InfraTech Financing and Development, recently endorsed by the G20. 

Governments, asset owners, technology accelerators, and public and private financiers can benefit from the distilled insights in this session, including:

  • The growing role of InfraTech in the infrastructure landscape 
  • Evidence for InfraTech investment as one of the key solutions to the low-carbon transition and achievement of SDGs 
  • Effective and innovative ways to successfully scale up InfraTech investment
  • Replicable, real-world models and lessons learnt from successful case studies. 

More information: link.gihub.org/m/1/62829280/02-b22353-bc89f4acf43c4a7abc7c9090b8436776/2/160/8a75f69d-de4e-4ecc-999d-4d8ad30f2185