janvier 26, 2023

BIM Conference 2023: The future of BIM

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The BIM 2023 conference will present the plans of the Czech Agency for Standardization for the next years in the implementation of the BIM Method Implementation Concept in Prague on January 26, 2023.

A unique chance to get acquainted with the view of Czech and European experts on the use of the BIM method in the everyday practice of public administration and private entities. The presentations will focus primarily on the practical side of using the BIM method in practice and the benefits it brings.

The program will also include the presentation of experience from real projects of contracting authorities for public construction contracts. Participation in the BIM 2023 conference is open to the entire general professional public, contracting authorities and contractors from public and private entities.

More information: PR BIM Conference 2023 (koncepcebim.cz)