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EIC Helsinki1


CICA was invited to attend the Autumn General Assembly of the European International Contractors, which took place in Helsinki, Finland. The main theme of the event was “Challenging Political and Economic Future – Construction as a Catalyst for Urban Concentration and Low-Emission Transport”.Among other speakers, Mr. Kimmo Tillikainen, State Secretary, ... Read More
October 30, 2019admin


Michel Démarre, Chairman of the CICA Working Group on Well-Prepared Projects moderated a session on “Promoting a culture of transparency and integrity in transport administrations” at the 26th World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi organized by the World Road Association.For the context: The World Road Association (PIARC) decided to set ... Read More
October 29, 2019admin
Sweden DRBF


CICA was invited to attend the conference organized by the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) in Stockholm. The event was generally devoted to “Dispute Boards in the Nordics”, but the organizers had invited Mr. Enzo De Laurentiis, Chief Procurement Officer of the World Bank, to speak about the Bank’s new ... Read More
October 28, 2019admin


The CICA Working Group Construction Contracts chaired by Alex Wagemann launched its survey on the use of the FIDIC Books.The survey aims to evaluate the average use of the FIDIC Books within the different federations and companies.The CICA stakeholders, among them the European Industry Federation (FIEC), the European International Contractors ... Read More
October 22, 2019admin
CChC council


On September 30 and until October 4, the 31st Directing Council and 32nd Congress of the Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry (FIIC) was held in Santiago, Chile.On this occasion, the council had the mission of electing the new President of FIIC for the period 2019-2021, being elected Mr. ... Read More
October 21, 2019admin