The Board

The CICA Board includes a Chairman and Vice-Presidents for a term of two years as well as a Treasurer. Former Presidents are ex officio members of the Board.

The Board usually meets twice a year, alternately in Paris, registered office of CICA, and at the invitation of the National Federation of one of the member countries.

Former CICA Presidents

Dr. Hermann Brunner, 1974-1976, Germany
Mr. Takeo Atsumi, 1976-1978, Japan
Ing. Bernardo Quintana, 1978-1981, Mexico
Mr. Philippe Clément, 1981-1983, France
Mr. Choi Chong-Whan, 1983-1985, Korea
Ing. Julio Piccini Martin, 1985-1987, Peru
Mr. Richard E. Hall, 1987-1989, USA

Mr. Frans de Wilder, 1989-1991, Netherlands
Mr. Glyn T.H. Ing., 1991-1993, Taiwan
Mr. Livio Amato, 1993-1995, Brazil
Mr. Robins Jackson, 1995-1997, USA
Dr. Thomas Rogge, 1997-2001, Germany
Dr. Subba Rao,2001-2003, India
Dr. Ahmed Saif Belhasa, 2003-2006, UAE

Mr. Barry N. Brown, 2006-2007, Canada
Mr. Manuel R.Vallarino, 2007-2010, Panama
Mr. Daniel Tardy, 2010- 2012, France
Mr. Manuel R.Vallarino, 2012-2014, Panama
Mr. Emre Aykar, 2014-2016, Turkey
Mr. Jorge Mas, 2016-2018, Chile
Mr. Emre Aykar, 2018-2020, Turkey


Honorary Presidents

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The Management

CICA Management is in charge of the statutory life of CICA as well as communication inside CICA via the coordination of working groups and the planning of specific events.

CICA Management gathers information, studies, reports, etc. on subjects related to the international activities of the construction companies such as improved contractual conditions, Procurement rules, Prevention and resolution of disputes, Social, Environmental and Corporate Governance and Public-Private Partnerships.
CICA Management leads working groups gathering the profession’s experts on Concessions and other forms of PPPs, Procurement Reform of Multilateral Development Banks, procedures for alternative dispute resolution, how to deal with abnormally low tenders, well-prepared projects and best practices.

CICA Management is liaising with major international organizations (UN, OECD, WTO, etc.) and with the Multilateral Development Banks (WB, AfDB, AsDB, IADB, etc.), bilateral development aid agencies (KfW, AFD, DFID, FMO, etc.) as well as with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). CICA Management participates in working groups, meetings, conferences, symposia organized by these institutions in order to publicize the positions and proposals of the world of the construction industry.
CICA is regularly looking for an Intern to join the CICA Management team. Download the job description.