Turkish Contractors Association

Turkish Contractors Association (TCA)

Turkish Contractors Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent professional organization established in Ankara in 1952.

The Association currently represents the leading construction companies in Turkey. Almost all of these companies work as international contractors and many are well-known global players. The business volume of TCA members encompasses nearly 70% of all domestic and 90% of all international contracting realized by Turkish companies.

Starting their international activity with the Libyan market in the early 70s, the Turkish contractors have spread across the globe in four decades. By the end of 2014, Turkish contractors have undertaken 7684 projects in 104 countries with a total business volume of 300 billion US Dollars.

As of today, TCA members maintain their activities worldwide, not only in the fields of construction and contracting, but also in industry investments, ranging from the manufacturing of building materials to investments in the fields of energy, tourism, health and transport.

TCA’S Objectives

  • To increase the competitiveness of its members in the national and international markets,
  • To defend and promote the interests of its members,
  • To encourage cooperation and mutual support among its members,
  • To build and enhance strategic alliances with public and private bodies both within and outside of Turkey,
  • To promote professional standards and business ethics,
  • To advise the government agencies on legal, economic and technical issues related to the construction industry,
  • To raise public awareness on industry related issues.