Israel Builders Association (IBA)

Israel Builders Association (CCA)

Israel Builders Association is the only organization dealing with the Israeli markets’ construction, infrastructure, development, and engineering issues, and strives to promote the building and infrastructure sectors in Israel, to promote the interests and rights of all contractors and builders in Israel, and to resolve various professional issues. The Israel Builders Association has over 2,000 members.
In 1949, the Association was formed to unite all organizations engaged in the building sector. In February 2019, Raul Srugo was elected President of the Association, for a three-year term, while Advocate Amnon Merhav now serves as its Director General.
Three professional divisions operate within the Association’s framework – an Entrepreneurship and Building Division, headed by Haim Feiglin, as Deputy President; an Infrastructure Division, headed by Zvika David, as Deputy President; and the Contract Building Division, headed by Nir Yanushvsky, as Deputy President. In addition, 14 local branches operate within the framework of the Association. Advocate Vered Sarfati – Zvulun, Deputy President of the Association serves as Chair of the local associations.
In 2008, the Association signed a cooperation agreement with the Renovation Contractors Association, and in 2019, an agreement was signed with the Association of Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors. The Associations work together to raise the level of professionalism, to battle workplace accidents and to offer joint training sessions for professional workers.
The Association partners with the Association of Building Workers, to encourage and develop the construction industry. The Association’s main objectives include training, absorption and concern for the welfare of Israeli workers in the sector. In 2014, a broad cooperation agreement with the Government to finance and support the training of Israeli workers in the construction sector was signed.