European Construction Industry Federation

European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)

FIEC speaks for the European construction industry. Through its 33 national member federations in 29 European countries (28 EU & EFTA and Turkey), it represents, without discrimination, construction enterprises:

  • of all sizes (from one person craftsmen and SMEs through to large international firms),
  • from all building and civil engineering specialities,
  • engaged in all kinds of working methods (whether operating as general/ main contractors or as sub-contractors).

This wide-ranging representativeness was officially recognised in a study undertaken on behalf of the European Commission so that FIEC is the “Social Partner” representing employers in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue “Construction”.

European International Contractors (EIC)

European international contractors started their internationalization as early as in the early sixties and since then never abandoned their presence in distant markets, notwithstanding of unfavorable political or economic environment. They are internationally active by vocation and are capable to provide any piece of infrastructure at any place on the globe. By doing this, they team up with local contractors which can benefit from the transfer of management skills and technical know-how.
The principal Objectives of EIC are:

  • To represent and promote the interests of the European construction industry in all matters relating to the international construction business;
  • To foster the exchange of views with European, international and other relevant institutions and associations in order to improve the political, financial, economic and legal environment for European international contractors; and
  • to offer European contractors a unique forum for the exchange of experience in all matters relating to the international construction business.