Demathieu et Bard

Demathieu et Bard

A Lorraine company founded in 1861, demathieu & bard is one of the main independent French companies in the Construction sector.

Specialized from the beginning in Civil Engineering and Engineering Structures, demathieu & bard gradually expanded its areas of activity, offering today a broad range of skills that can satisfy all the needs of clients and contracting authorities.

Buttressed by more than a century of operations, demathieu & bard is now one of the last major French companies in the construction sector that can take pride in its total independence. Since 1861, moral values, technical skills and the ability to adapt have enabled demathieu & bard to establish itself as an efficient and human company that respects its commitments and clients.

Because the development of an ongoing business activity involves respecting people and their development, demathieu & bard banks on:

  • An active workplace prevention and safety policy, and the technical enrichment and training of employees.
  • Investment in work tools and material means adapted to its growth.
  • An approach committed to respect for and the protection of an increasingly fragile environment.

On a daily basis, the Company’s men and women use their technical know-how and inventiveness to innovate and succeed. Always aiming to provide quality and respect deadlines and costs, they know how to adapt and react very quickly to become the client’s partners and provide it with custom made solutions adapted to its needs.