Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry

Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC)

The Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry – CBIC was founded in 1957 in the state of Rio de Janeiro to address issues relating to the Construction and Real Estate Industry and to serve as the industry’s representative in Brazil and abroad. Headquartered in Brasilia, the CBIC is composed of more than 80 unions and employer associations in the construction sector throughout the country’s 27 states.

CBIC provides political representation to the sector and promotes integration of the construction supply chain nationwide, contributing to the economic and social development of Brazil.

Headed by a Board of Directors elected by the Chamber’s members, CBIC operates through five technical committees, two of them centered on core activities: Public Works, Privatization and Concessions (COP) and Real Estate Industry (CII). Three other committees are engaged in supporting a series of activities: Policy and Labor Relations (CPRT), Materials, Equipment, Services, Technology, Quality, and Productivity (COMAT), and Environment (CMA). The organization also has two forums dedicated to specific activities: Social Action and Citizenship Forum (FASC) and the Construction Industry Social Service Forum (Serviços Sociais da Indústria da Construção – SECONCIS). In addition, CBIC operates a Legal Council and Database.

CBIC represents the Brazilian construction industry on the international stage. Further, it is a member of the Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry (FIIC), an affiliate of the Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA). Together, FIIC, as the official representative of the Latin American construction sector, and other international entities from various geographic regions constitute the component parts of a body with primary responsibility for intra-industry trade at the global level.