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Infrastructure and PPP Meeting Brazil 2015 Photo6


The Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry – CBIC – hosted CICA’s 59th Board-Council Meeting in Brasilia in April 2015. In the margins of the CICA Board meeting, CBIC organized with the support of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and in partnership with FIIC and CICA a two ... Read More
April 27, 2015admin
Board Meeting Brasilia 2015


The Brazilian federation of construction – CBIC – hosted in Brasilia the 59th CICA Board-Council meeting on Monday 27th of April 2015.This Board meeting, and the roundtables that followed in the afternoon of the 27th and on Tuesday 28th, was the first CICA Board meeting of this magnitude since the ... Read More
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CICA and the French Institute of International Legal Experts (IFEJI) organized in partnership with MEDEF International a high level roundtable attended by many African construction industry leaders and representatives of the legal profession and ministries. The discussions particularly focused on:the need of public services infrastructures; the problems faced in low development countries; lessons ... Read More
February 5, 2015admin
CICA Board Meeting Paris 2014 Cover


CICA held his 58th Board-Council Meeting in Paris on the 17th of November 2014.Representatives of FIEC, the EIC, FIIC, CBIC, SEFI, OCAJI as well as CHINCA attended the meeting.To be noticed: Emre Aykar was elected as new President of CICA taking over from Manuel Vallarino as of the 1st of ... Read More
November 17, 2014admin