Construction 4.0 by ConTech in Tel Aviv, February 2020


Construction 4.0 by ConTech in Tel Aviv, February 2020

Israel has become a global center for technology and innovation in the Construction arena, growing faster and faster every year.

The Construction 4.0 event is bringing together Israeli startups, industry leaders, experts, and multinational corporations to collaborate and discuss the digitalization of Construction.

Join ConTech in its International Construction Tech Event in Israel, in collaboration with The Industry 4.0 innovation week, and be exposed to Israel’s most disruptive Construction technologies.

During the Industry 4.0 week, one-full-day is designated to Construction Technologies and innovation, led by ConTech.

On February 26th, the Construction Tech global community will meet to engage with leading startups, hear insights from keynote speakers, take part in B2B meetings, participate in designated roundtables focusing on major challenges of the industry, attend a panel discussion and celebrate in a cocktail event.

Meet the latest disruptive Construction Tech startups. Join ConTech on February 26th in Tel Aviv.

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A CICA delegation to Tel Aviv can be organized. Contact the CICA Management Team if you want to participate in the CICA delegation going to Tel Aviv.