CICA Survey on the use of the FIDIC Suite of Contracts


CICA Survey on the use of the FIDIC Suite of Contracts

The CICA Working Group Construction Contracts chaired by Alex Wagemann launched its survey on the use of the FIDIC Books.

The survey aims to evaluate the average use of the FIDIC Books within the different federations and companies.

The CICA stakeholders, among them the European Industry Federation (FIEC), the European International Contractors (EIC), the Association of French International Contractors (SEFI) and FIDIC have reviewed the survey.

Your answers will help us to guide our lobbying activities for contractors towards Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and other stakeholders.

Of course, no personal information will be made public without the consent of the participants and all the answers will be treated confidentially.

First results will be presented during the CICA General Assembly on December 13, 2019 in Paris.

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English Version

Spanish Version 1 (CChC and CAMARCO)

Spanish Version 2 (Other FIIC Member Federations and companies)