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The next CICA Spring Board-General Assembly meetings and side events will take place in Seoul, on May 19-22, 2019, at the kind invitation of Tae Won Park, Doosan Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Committee on Construction Development at the Construction Association of Korea (CAK).In the margins of the General Assembly, ... Read More
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How infrastructure finance is changing?Status quoUrgent need for infrastructure investment in emerging marketsCf. McKinsey Global Institute: the world must invest 3.8% of GDP, or $3.3 trillion a year to 2030: emerging markets account for around 60% of this requirement.Shifting balance and trendsDevelopment finance institutions (DFIs)Balance between multilateral and bilateral DFI lending is shifting. Bilateral ... Read More
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The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC) is an initiative launched at COP21, as part of the Lima Paris Action Agenda. It aims to mobilise all stakeholders, including member states and non-state actors from the Buildings and Construction sector to scale up climate actions in the sector.The GABC focuses on the achievement of the low-carbon ... Read More
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Scott Moris and Gailyn Portelance from the Center of Global DevelopmentU.S. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he will nominate David Malpass to be the next president of the World Bank. However, Malpass’ record as a critic of the bank — and particularly of its relationship with China — has some staffers and development experts ... Read More
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EDHEC InfraPurposeThe Global Infrastructure Company Classification Standard was created by EDHECinfra to provide investors with a frame of reference to approach the infrastructure asset class. Its added value lies in offering an alternative to investment categories that were inherited from the private equity and real-estate universe. The GICCS tracks the financial performance of several infrastructure companies ... Read More
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