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On July 12-13, 2019 in Luxembourg the AIIB hosted its first annual meeting to be held outside Asia. The theme was "Cooperation and Connectivity" with regards to reach better economic, social and ecological benefits within and between Europe and Asia. CICA participated to the AIIB's panel discussions and business events ... Read More
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The Webinar organized by Carbone 4, an independent consulting firm specialized in low carbon strategy and climate change adaptation, and by the Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA) on June 11, 2019 focused on how to integrate climate related risks to the investment and portfolio strategy of infrastructure investors. The Webinar welcomed speakers from Carbone ... Read More
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The CICA General Assembly was held on Tuesday, March 21, 2019 at Doosan headquarters in Seoul at the kind invitation of Tae Won Park, Doosan Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Overseas Committee at the Construction Association of Korea (CAK).The CICA General Assembly is held twice a year. At this occasion all the members of ... Read More
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IFRI (Institut Français des Relations Internationales)The Ifri report analyses the approach developed by China since the launch of the Belt and Road in 2013. The report mainly explains that China increasingly sees its project as a vector for promoting a new form of globalization.The following developments can be noted:Geographical expansion: The Chinese project far ... Read More
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A CICA Delegation led by President Emre Aykar (Turkey) and composed of 17 representatives from FIIC, FIEC/EIC and OCAJI had working meetings in Washington D.C. on April 12-15, 2019, in the context of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Spring Meetings.CICA met with Jemima T. Sy, Program Manager of ... Read More
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