Public-Private Partnerships

The working group on PPP is managed by Fernando LAGO, Strategic Thinking Area Director at the Argentine Chamber of Construction.
The group intends to:
– disseminate knowledge about the advantages and the minimum conditions to be met for a successful use of PPPs, to governments and enterprises;
– collect and disseminate new PPP regulations, covering inter alia improvement of institutional and legal framework to facilitate the use of the PPPs schemes;
– collect and disseminate “lessons learned”, around the world;
– deliver position papers to address the concerns and operational proposals of the construction sector in these regards.

The working group is particularly attentive to the following aspects:
– Capacity-Building;
– Lessons learned;
– PPP Tool-kit and links to MDBs and other Institutions resources;
– Social Economic Impact Measurement and in depth evaluation of a Project, in order to pay attention to the new « People First PPPs » UN policy and net positive/negative externality provided;
– Lobby with national and subnational governments, communities and stakeholders;
– Innovation.