President’s Welcome

President Jorge Mas - Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Confederation of International Contractors’ Association CICA, an organization that has been contributing to the world’s construction industry for over 40 years, promoting the development of the sector being a counter party for the International Public Institutions, International Financial Institutions and Multilateral banks, between others.

As elected President, from December 2016 to December 2018 period, it is a real honor and responsibility to lead this institution and the federations it represents and to be able to contribute to world ´s habitant’s life quality, though he development of Infrastructure, housing. and construction. Thus, I strongly commit myself to meet your expectations during my administration.

The Global Competitiveness Report, published by World Economic Forum, has demonstrated that infrastructure is one of the cornerstones in the development of countries. Its proper investment and availability contribute to the economic growth, competitiveness and gives comparative advantages to nations, thus, increasing their productivity.
It is no coincidence that, annually, more than 3,3 billion dollars need to be invested on this item in order to cope with the current growth rates and that 60% of these needs come from developing countries.

We are very concerned that the financial crisis had forced many developed economies to low their investment in this area, which is leading to a 350 billion deficit per year with respect to global requirements.

Undoubtedly, this reality presents huge future challenges to all those who are related to the construction and infrastructure area. Our intention is to continue boosting the public-private association and to find new long-term financing ways for the development of infrastructure projects, especially those in the developing countries, considering the participation of all size of companies, small, medium and big ones.

Likewise, we will seek to strengthen the development capacity of multilateral banks in terms of their contracting policies and to make progress in the development of sustainable and projects that consider transparency and ethics aspects, which entails, in short, strengthen the governance by means of projects well defined.
Each one of these challenges is not minor, but I’m certain that, with the support and trust of each one of you, we can materialize a period of great progress and growth for this important organization.

Jorge Mas
Confederation of International Contractors Association