President’s Welcome

President Emre Aykar - Welcome Letter

Greetings and Welcome to the Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA). Founded in 1974, CICA represents and speaks for the global construction industry on technical, legal, financial and political matters of international concern, in an enduring effort to keep the industry strong and sustainable.

I am honored to serve as new President of this umbrella organization and together with my fellow Board members and Management team I will strive to make this organization responsive to its member federations and linked institutions.

Indeed, today the construction industry has huge opportunities. Construction activities impact on economic, social and environmental realities and needs of people which are evolving day by day.
In order to face the future challenges such as climate change, digital economy, demographic changes or energy efficiency, the construction sector must reinvent itself and become smarter, for its own sake but also for the sake of the well-being of future generations.
As an industry that drives growth across the entire economy, the global construction industry is forecast to see growth of 4.3% per annum until 2025, concentrated primarily in emerging economies. Accordingly, global construction is set to rise to US$ 15 trillion per year by 2025 compared to US$ 8.7 trillion in 2012*. Moreover, continuing population growth and urbanization are projected to add 2.5 billion people to the world’s urban population by 2050**.

Such major demographic shifts will lead to significant infrastructure challenges. Extensive investment and maintenance will be required to support economic growth and social transformation with improved standards of living in terms of new housing, health, education, urban mobility and infrastructure.
As an international confederation we also need to further contribute to the economic and social development and strengthen our efforts to overcome the investment gaps in infrastructure. Infrastructure is one of the cornerstones in the development of countries. A need of infrastructure investment of US$ 3.3 trillion per year is needed towards 2030 to support the expected rates of growth***.
To analyze and provide solutions, the interaction and constant work of the six existing Working Groups of CICA has been crucial. They are now extended with the creation of two new working groups on 1) Construction 4.0 and 2) Construction Contracts with a focus on FIDIC. The exchange of points of views and experiences of people from different countries working together has strengthened our position as a Confederation. Likewise, the continuous dialogue with financial institutions and Multilateral Governmental Organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, UN and the OECD has been the motor for the development in the changes that we are working on.

As a worldwide organization, we need to craft the guidelines for our member federations to succeed in balancing opportunities and threats within the global investment environment.
To this end, we remain firmly committed to strengthening our network with our member federations and addressing main issues of the construction industry as a whole, to be the influential, reliable and sound voice of the construction industry.

I wish you full success in all your activities!

CICA President
Emre Aykar

*Global Construction 2025; Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics (2013)
**World Urbanization Prospects, United Nations
***McKinsey Global Institute 2016: Bridging global infrastructure gaps